Aircraft Rental
Finding a quality rental aircraft is a challenge faced by all pilots, but Aviator’s Wing offers our aircraft to qualified pilots after meeting some basic check-out requirements. You can find details about our checkouts and minimum requirements below. We’ve also included copies of our aircraft rental agreement, pilot history form, and aircraft checkout exam below for you to download.

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Experience and Checkout Requirements
Aircraft Total Time Time in
Check-Out Time Notes
Champ 7AC/L-16C N/A N/A N/A Aircraft for tailwheel signoff only - no solo rental
Falcon 75* 5 1.5 Hours Private Pilot certification required
C-172N 75* 5 1.5 Hours Private Pilot certification required
PA28-180 75* 5 1.5 Hours Private Pilot certification required
* 75 hour total time requirement N/A for Aviator’s Wing students and graduates.

Operational Requirements
Type of Operation Experience Required Check-Out Requirements Notes
Night VFR (Students) 3 Hours and 10 T/O & Landings at Night   Must be approved by Aviator’s Wing Chief Pilot
IFR Operations   IPC Endorsement from an Aviator's Wing instructor within 12 months No night IMC unless approved by Aviator’s Wing Chief Pilot
Annual   1.5 hours or any other Aviator's Wing checkout  
30 Day Currency     Must have flown any Aviator's Wing Aircraft within the prior 30 days

Checkout Tasks

Downloadable Documents  (.pdf documents – will open in a new browser window or tab)

Aircraft Scheduling  

Our aircraft and instructors are scheduled online using Flight Schedule Pro. Select the following link to login to your account or register for a new account (will be approved by Aviator’s Wing).

Online Scheduling by Flight Schedule Pro